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Enchances the unsold products

and fight the food waste

How does it work?

What do we do?

Let's stop the food waste!

SquisEat was created in order to limit the waste of fresh and high quality food products, advanced by catering services (catering, restaurants, takeaways, etc.) and which are still completely edible. Through our service, a restaurant owner communicates the remaining portions of food and the location; a user can select from the available products and order directly at home through a delivery service, ensuring a quality meal at a reasonable price.

SquisEat VS Waste

Thanks to our service, we have sold more than 3500 portions of food, helping to limit waste and decrease pollution!

Out supporters

Are you based in Bologna?

SquisEat is currently active in these areas of Bologna, but in the future we want to reach as many areas as possible!

Our partners


Great idea!

Lara, italian student, 24 years old

Yummy food! It is a truly valuable service, a useful idea in many aspects

Nicole, mother, 52 years old

Great everything! Good guys, I'll advertise you

Roberto, father, 40 years old